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Mohammed Bin Rashid City is an ambitious project named after the ruling sheikh of the UAE. Its construction area will be 108 square kilometers, which will include residential buildings and business centers, the world's largest shopping and entertainment centers, and more than 100 hotels for city guests.

According to the architects, MBR City should combine 4 components:

  • Integrated environment for trade and business development. Large office centers and apartments for families of entrepreneurs will be located here;
  • Skyscrapers, shopping and entertainment centers, luxury hotels are designed to attract people from all over the world. The project also includes a monorail connecting MBR City with two international airports;
  • Retail trade. It will house the world's largest shopping center - a unique place for shopping;
  • Large art galleries and exhibition halls will be opened in MBR City. A large collection of works by famous masters will be collected there.

It is noteworthy that the district suggests a low population density - about 60% of the total area is devoted to parks, green spaces and outdoor entertainment. The environmental component will make MBR City one of the best areas for living.

It is already possible to buy apartments and offices in the district at different stages of construction - from the foundation pit to ready-made premises with designer renovation and furniture. In our catalog you can consider the proposals of developers, and we will help you with the paperwork and the conclusion of the transaction.

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